Kindred Clothings Advertising #2

Dear Diary,

Moving in a new town is always exciting : discovering new urban environment, making new friends, catching up with old ones… This summer, our beloved intern, Olli Mighty, decided to move to Lyon, the greatest french city according to me… Besides all the fun mentioned above, this was a good opportunity to get closer to the Kindred Family . You remember the Kindred Family,right ?… A bunch of skaters from the Grenoble – Lyon area trying to develop their own skateboarding-oriented clothing line… Anyway, Ali (the Kindred Mastermind) needed advertising material and asked our photography department if their could fix a photo shoot with Théo Luquet one of the brand rider. Of course we jumped on the bandwagon. Since Théo is more of a street skater this was a great opportunity to practice a little street shooting… All goes down pretty well and the result is a great double-page ad in the last issue of Urban Culture – a french DIY magazine from Grenoble. A pretty good left-over of the last shooting session can be seen in our photo-gallery, check it out guys !

Mandy Lane