Aggrolites gig poster

Dear Diary,

Though their obvious differences, some things in this world are just meant to be together : sweet and sour, black and white, men and women… The same kind of unnatural alliances seems to occur as well in music ; the best example that comes to my mind is the “Punk-Rock / Reggae” connection. From the Clash in the late 70s to Rancid and this whole Hellcat story more recently, it seems that in any punk-rocker sleeps an “undercover rasta-Zion-Jah-believa” just waiting to take over… Anyway, no wonder our good friends from the Mighty Worm Asso asked us in september to produce a propaganda piece to promote a great event in Besançon : the coming of The Aggrolites, an east coast dirty reggae band. The event was hosted by La Rodia and co-organized by Mighty Worm and Upper Tone, the local “Jah-worshipping” asso. What better than an military oriented, communist inspired, south-east asian flavored artwork to promote a reggae party ?…

Mandy Lane.