Who we are :

Indy Eye Studio is an illustration and graphic design laboratory providing groundbreaking, hi-quality and state-of-the-art advertising & propaganda printed material.

Formerly known as the R&D Dept. in Synaesthesia and Oneironautics of the ACME* Inc., IES is evolving as an autonomous and self-sufficient entity since late 2008. At that time of trouble — and despite its sophisticated and highly profitable financial activities — the ACME Inc. received no support from either the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the Fed or the IMF. With no other choice left, ACME Inc. had to let go most of its R&D Departments. Some of them were dissolved, some were sold and relocated in China and some (like us) mutated into self-driven companies.

Please be assured that despite all we’ve been through, we still are the capitalist, profit-driven and reckless company we once were. The gentle art of making lies look good — and thus, true — remains our finest and most precious skill.

Sincerely Yours,

S. Templeton, IES spokesman

*Another Company Messing Everything – Est. 1922

Staff :

Art Directors : Donald F. Draper, Isaac Mendes, Dan Pussey /// Staff Photographers : Peter Parker, Vicki Vale /// Press & Public Relations : Mandy Lane, Scott Templeton,Wikus Van De Merwe /// Legal & Financial issues : Patrick Bateman, Patricia “Patty” Hewes, Leland Palmer /// Our beloved intern : Olli Mighty

Some of our satisfied clients :

MNU /// Wayne Enterprises /// US Robots Inc. /// MomCorp. /// Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngters /// Widmore Corp. /// Starks Industries /// Oscorp Technologies /// OCP ///  Ravenwood /// Shin-Ra Corp. /// Umbrella Corp. ///The Daily Planet Press Group /// Tyrell Corp. /// B’n’L /// Veidt Industries /// Weyland-Yutani Corp. /// Cyberdine Systems /// Majestic 12