Skateboarding Youngblood in Grenoble

Dear Diary,

Besides flowers and unicorns, there’s nothing in this world I hate more than kids, you know that. They’re so full of energy, always bouncing around, looking stupid with their tight jeans and their weird hair cuts… Not to mention their obvious lack of taste when it comes to the matter of music… You can figure out how suspicious we got here, at IES, when our good friend Vincent from the Grenoble skatepark asked us, this summer, to get some photos with two of the most talented young skater of the city (Arnaud Wagner (on the left) and Elliot Auffrey (below))… Our beloved intern, Olli Mighty, who I suspect to practice skateboarding though he strongly denies it, accepted the challenge. To play a nasty trick on the kids, Don Drapper, our artistic director,  got the twisted idea to distingue them in little monkeys… The skatepark crew was so psyched with the result they decided to use one of the clichés, featuring the two brads rocking the park, as the annual advertising card. Two of the leftovers are displayed within this post and an other one is shown in our photo gallery, if you like goofy skate pics you should give it a glance…

Concrete surf’s always up motherfucker !

Mandy Lane.