Punk-Rock Legend Gig Poster

Dear Diary,

One day in the early eighties, an unknown japanese engineer changed the world forever by creating the first portable music-playing device : the walkman was born. More than ten years latter during the blessed 90’s, thanks to that dude, our beloved intern, Olli Mighty, spent countless hours cruising the sunday morning empty streets of his small town on his skateboard, punk-rock music blasting his ears and opening his teenager mind. He told me SNUFF was one of the great bands of that time who shared his lonely sunday morning rides. More than ten years latter, I suspect him to still ride a skateboard and listen to Punk-Rock Music… Bad habits are hard to kill. Luckily for him, being a Classic-Punk-Rock lover is an absolute requirement to be part of I.E.S… So imagine how ecstatic everybody was when our good friend Ben from Mighty Worm asked us to realize a poster for a SNUFF gig organized in Besançon. More other : they would be back-upped by Burning Heads and our very close friends The Rebel Assholes !… This shit was too good, we had to make something more than a simple gig flyer… So we decided to celebrate the event by releasing a genuine two colors silkscreen poster (40x60cm). Who better than our friends from All-Over could perform the printing ?… If, you, Punk-Rock nerds are interested by one of those, contact us or Mighty Worm or All-Over !

Mandy Lane