Flying Donuts & Skateboards

Dear Diary,

Memory works in a funny way ; I don’t remember the first time I saw a tennis player or a scuba diver… But I do remember the first time I saw someone on a skateboard. It was back in 85 in Hill Valley (Ca), I was a little girl at that time and this dude riding a wooden stick with wheels in the middle of a messy traffic just blew my mind. The way he used to stick behind cars and surf the stream of circulation, in the “most supreme pleasant, fast and smoothy” way made me ecstatic. I clearly remember thinking this dude was the coolest cat  on Earth… It might explain why, years latter, I used to date (and slaughter) so many skateboarders in High School and College… Anyway, all I’m saying is that skateboarding has a special place in our hearts, here at IES… So, it’s with great pleasure and honor that we’re introducing the first skateboard ever designed by our team ! The all mighty Kicking Records company just released a limited collection of skate decks honoring the bands they are supporting. Each band chose the artist who took care of its board. You might then recognize the work of the Alien Art Agency (Unco.), Jean-Sé (B.Z.P.) and Paul Allen* (B.G.S.). We were asked by our friends the Flying Donuts to handle theirs. At the time the project popped up we had just finished a t-shirt design for their canadian tour and we thought it could make sense to use the same graphic idea on the board. The result is a black and white drawing, featuring Franky, Dracky and Wolfy… If you, sidewalk-surfers, are interested by such collector items, contact Kicking Records !

Mandy Lane

* : Former partner of our business lawyer Pat. Bateman