This Autumn Evening…

Dear Diary,

Some people can see further than others. Cassandra, Nostradamus, Sarah Conor… Usually not taken seriously untill it’s too late, these lucky ones are referred to by names such as visionaries, foreseers or prophets of doom…. Recently, IES has been contacted by one of those. Stroke by our work, this fine gentleman who, beside his sharp sight, displays exquisite tastes, asked us for a very special piece of art : a modern re-interpretation of a famous Japanese “estampe” by Shunsho Katsukawa. Of course alteration have been performed and the 21st century version of this japanese painting from the 18th century is slightly different to the original one. The final result is a high quality digital print perform on a special rigid support (40 x 60 cm). Only two copies of this unique (?) piece exist : one in the safe of the backer and one in the show room of the studio.

Mandy Lane.