Kindred Clothing Advertising Shooting

Dear Diary,

To me, photography is definitively an overrated art… Thx to digital camera and legions of talentless so-called photographers and their abusive use of copyright…The true pleasure of photography will remains a mystery to many : “pics are like kids, the only true satisfaction out of them resides less in the final product than in the simple fact of producing it”… This cheap zen philosophy being said, I was delighted this monday morning to see that, during the WE, our photography staff (Peter Parker, Vicki Vale & Olli M. — our beloved intern) had produced something ! Which doesn’t happen often, believe me…Our three crooks spent their saturday with the Kindred Gang (Ali aka “Gwar”, Guillaume aka “Fuck” & Patrick aka “Patoche”) to shoot some skateboarding action pictures. So They went down to a remote and secret spot and spent the afternoon shooting Patoche goin’ crazy on a pretty gnarly handrail… the best photo of the day finished as an printed ad for the Kindred Clothing Company… What ? You don’t know them ?…….. Well then, check this out :

Mandy Lane.