Illustration of M. G. Dantec for Noise Mag

Dear Diary,

As a weirdo on a bench once told me, “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”… My visit at the local press & book store today was one of those moments. As I headed to the guns and hunting section of the shop, expecting to find the latest release of “Chicks’n’Guns Magazine”, I ran through this month issue of Noise Mag, a french magazine focused on “loud music” and all the “sub-cultural mythology” that goes with it… At that precise moment, truth stroke me like a lightening : I suddenly remember that Olli Mighty, IES beloved intern, produced some work for this very issue ; I had no other choice but to buy a copy… Olli’s work answered a specific command : To illustrate an interview of Maurice G. Dantec,a french Sci-Fi and “Polar” author. You may know the guy for some of his novels : “La Sirène Rouge”, “Les Racines du Mal” or “Babylone Babies” (which has been turned into a movie by M. Kassovitz : “Babylon A.D.”). Dantec is also close to the french underground rock scene for he was involved in two groups (État d’Urgence and Artefact) and wrote lyrics for No One Is Innocent’s album Utopia. The backer of this project (Fab. From B.C.B., thx again buddy !!) is a long-time fan of Dantec. He wanted two realistic, photo-based, illustrations of the guy.

Mandy Lane.