Badaboum skatevidz tees

Dear Diary,

Internet is a wonderful thing, not only because of all the free porn you can get online but also because it brought promises we didn’t even dare to think about ten years ago. For example, now, any little skateboarding crew around the world can edit its own video project and share it instantly with the community… That’s exactly what the guys working at the Skatepark of Grenoble wanted to do. So, regularly they invite some of their talented friends to shred the park and, thanks to Seb from Mute Skateboard & Lambda Studio, post the result on line. So far, seven small vids have been edited, the name of the projet ? Badaboum ! To go a little further, they contacted IES to produce a fine piece of clothing to buzz out ; the tees were released during the famous Gang’s of Skaters contest, ho
sted by the park and was sold out within a day… The result, displayed here, is as the skateboarding we love : black & white, strong & smart, sweet & sour… Btw, because one of the project-carriers has religious-like thoughts about ecology and all, we were compelled to produce a “environment friendly” t-shirt, so we payed twice the usual price to get bio-cotton tees… Gaya’s lovers won this time… More info about the Badaboum skate vids ?…

Mandy Lane