Exhibition “fantastic”

Dear Diary,

Long time ago, in a country farfar away…. A dude named George Lucas made a movie with a bunch of latex puppets and stupid costumes… More than 40 years latter, brain-provided people still wander how the f**k such a cheap flick could have turned into the religion-like phenomenon we all know. Of course, this kind of irrational addictions are gifts for mind manipulators like us. In early 2010, IES had a good opportunity to surf the wave of “Jedyism” : The studio was invited to participate to a collective exhibition hold during the Fantastic Movie Festival of Gerardmer. The exhibition was organized by our friends from E.E.N.C (En l’Encre Nous Croyons) and was dedicated to Fantastic and Sci-Fi movies. Because of last minute technical problems, we couldn’t produced the silk-screen prints initially planed. We had to  put together a “plan B” and released 6 copies of 20×30 cm Technicolor posters.

If you believe in Jabba, contact us !

Mandy Lane.