Allover 2010 calendar

Dear Diary,

Today we received at the office the 2010 Allover calendar. And I must confess it’s a pretty cool object ! A silk screen printed device featuring some of the finest artists you might have noticed at the 2+2=5 gallery (Nelio, Small Studio, Sixo and many more…). it consists in 6 two-sides printed sheets (20×30 cm) wrapped in a nice white jacket. The month of May features the work of Olli Mighty, our beloved intern. He chose to perform a tribute to one of the greatest british comics artists of all time : Brian Bolland (who, among other things, teamed up with Allan Moore on the famous Killing Joke). Olli’s drawing is directly inspired by a less known but though extremely good work of Bolland : The Actress And The Bishop. Through his Bolland inspired drawing, Olli — wisely advised by his supervisor and mentor Don Draper — chose to illustrate a (slightly modified) French quote related to the month of may : “En mai fais ce qu’il te plait, mais assume le lendemain, assume bordel...” (meaning : “in may do as you want, but, for Christ’s sake, bear the consequences after”).

Mandy Lane.