Tribute to Twin Peaks

Dear Diane… euhh… Diary,

As the cradle of our worldwide company, you can imagine how the city of Twin Peaks is special to our hearts…. Especially to Lelan’s… So, when the Black Cat Bones Cafe of Puebla (Mexico) got the wonderful idea of celebrating the 20th anniversary of David Lynch’s master piece, you can imagine how ecstatic we were… The celebration consisted in a collective graphic exhibition. Gathering mostly highly-skilled artists from North America, some folks from the old continent were lucky enough to be invited (Thx to Fabien from Black Cat Bones !!). Among them, Olli Mighty, our beloved intern. His contribution was a portrait of Laura Palmer — Lelan’s daughter. Featuring of special agent Dale Cooper (aka Paul Muhad’ib) and the “log lady” are also displayed on the final piece. To stick as mush as possible to the unique spirit of the show, Olli even quoted one of its punch line : “Through the darkness of the future past, the magician longs to see a chance between two worlds… FIRE WALK WITH ME”….. The final poster is a color digital print on fine art paper (around 40 cm x 60 cm). Ultra limited edition of 6. If you also think that “the owls are not what they seem” and that Tibet’s freedom is worth fighting for, contact us, we might have some ultra-limited posters for you !

Mandy Lane.