Illustration for Soma Skate Medecine

Dear Diary,

You know there’s nothing I love more than the taste of bloody flesh, freshly cut from a still warm body… some says I got a predator mind… So imagine how I felt when Fredd from Soma Skate Medecine contacted the Studio to illustrate an article about the vegan movement in skateboarding for the 13th issue of the mag !… But turning down a job opportunity for personal convictions ain’t part of the job description at IES… Anyway… working for Soma was a real honor and challenge for us. So our best illustrators (Dan Pussey, Isaac Mendes & Olli Mighty) were, for nearly two weeks, in a quasi-state of war ; thinking over and drawing veggies on every pieces of paper in the office. Finally Olli Mighty, our beloved intern, proposed an interesting idea (based on a picture found on the internet…) of an Alien monster made from different kinds of veggies. Definitively one of his best work ever…

Mandy Lane.