Exhibition “Friday the 13th”

Dear Diary,

You know my personal taste for horror, darkness and evil. These kind of subtle tastes aren’t usually shared by the common people, except in very special occasions, such as Halloween or fridays 13th. June 08 had such a friday. To celebrate that in a proper manner, the 2+2 = 5 gallery had the good idea of organizing an exhibition out of it. So IES was asked to produce a piece for the occasion. The result is a silk-screen printed diptych celebrating the evil gods of old-past. A small reference is made to H.P. Lovecraft (an american writer, father of the cult of Cthulu). But the most noticeable feature of these posters is the representation of Lono, Hawaiian God of fertility & music and storm. Funny fact : The statue who serve as a model was found in the basement of IES’s Head Quarter. Old rumors say that back in the days, the very place where the building stands was an Hawaiian temple where human sacrifices were conducted in the name of Lono… Spooky, hum ? If you worship the beast or any other underground deity and are interested by our diptych, please contact us !

Mandy Lane.