Exhibition “L’addition”

Dear Diary,

I think you — and every one — will agree : There’s nothing like “First Times”. First day in school, first kiss, first reckless slaughter of innocent homeless guy… Today, during the lunchbreak, Olli Mighty (our beloved intern) talked to me about his first “exhibition experience”. As one of the worst frozen-hearted bitches ever, I feel no shame sharing this private confession with you : It happened during the first collective exhibition thrown by the gallery 2+2 = 5. The pitch of the exhibition ? Producing a 40×60 cm poster illustrating the mathematical concept of addition. Olli’s idealistic and simple mind saw in that first public exposure (coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the events of may 68) the opportunity to strike the masses with an “important” and “subtle” message : “big, international, profit-making, reckless companies are bad ”… The young and naive Bolshevik even quoted names !! The poster was declined in 2 color-ways (1 is sold out). Of course, at that time, he wasn’t working for us, otherwise he would have been fired on the spot. No doubt this trouble past won’t help him climb the social ladder in our company… Nonetheless, if your interested by this poster, contact us, we are willing to ged rid of the few copies left !

Mandy Lane.