The Big Lebowlski Skate Jam

Dear Diary,

Let me share with you a drop of concentrated philosophy a stranger once told me : “Sometime you eat the bear… and, well… sometimes the bear eats you…“. Half drunk from all the beaers I’ve been drinking that night (while bowling with some friends) I didn’t quite understood what was it all about and who was that smart-ass cowboy … But surprisingly, it all came back to me last sunday (July 1st 2012) and I finally catched the true meaning of that remarkably sharp and accurate witticism… Why that particular day ? Why that particular quote ?

Well, July 1st 2012 was supposed to be a day of gathering, fellowship and celebration. On that particular day was scheduled the 2nd BIG LEBOWLSKI Skateboarding Jam Session at the worldwide famous bowl of Crolles. All the east-side finest skateboarder and skateboard lovers had booked their sunday months in advance to meet and shred together on that very special day : we all expected to “eat the bear”… But when we all woke up on that morning and throw a glance through the window, all our hopes were washed away by the sorrowful rain falling in heavy drops : obviously the bear ate us that time.

So many people* put so many energy in that project that it just seemed unfair not to mention them and pay them a humble tribute. So to you all guys : Big UP !… And to all the bears in the place :  eat my sh*t, a**holes !

If you, skate nerds, haven’t already seen the teaser 10000000 times, you should check it out once again :

Mandy Lane.

* our thoughts go to : the guys form the skateparks of Grenoble and Crolles, the guys from Antiz (French skateboarding brand from Lyon), the guys from Studio Lambda who realized the teaser, the dudes from SOMA skate mag, the riders who came from all over the Alpes Mountains and even our beloved intern Olli Mighty who came up with the poster design ! Mahalo, ku kanaka !